Easiest Way to Prepare Perfect Restaurant Style Fried Chicken

Restaurant Style Fried Chicken. Chicken fried rice is a favourite recipe in India. Rice is stir fried with chicken strips, veggies and sauces in high flame for that extra taste. Chicken should be fried in a high smoke point oil like vegetable, canola, or peanut oil.

These Food Network-approved restaurants serve crunchy, juicy renditions that have a leg (or wing) up on the competition. Make this fried chicken cutlets recipe. It's an Asian-style chicken cutlet topped with peanut sauce, crushed peanuts, and green onion and served over rice. You can cook Restaurant Style Fried Chicken using 12 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Restaurant Style Fried Chicken

  1. It’s of Chicken.
  2. Prepare of Vinegar.
  3. Prepare of Soya sauce.
  4. It’s of Red chilli sauce.
  5. Prepare of Roster Shayar source.
  6. Prepare of Shan chicken broast masala.
  7. Prepare of Black pepper.
  8. You need of White pepper.
  9. You need of Red chilli powder.
  10. It’s of Maida.
  11. It’s of eggs.
  12. It’s of Oil for frying.

Try this fried chicken cutlets recipe that I find in a lot of non-fancy Chinese restaurants. It's a chicken cutlet served over lettuce and rice and. You can substitute the meat for shrimp, beef flank steak, pork loin or add all three for House Special fried rice. For Hawaiian Fried Rice, use good I was working in a great little chinese restaurant in Acworth, GA for over a year.

Restaurant Style Fried Chicken step by step

  1. Chicken ma all spices or sauce add kar ke boil karle..
  2. Jab chicken boil ho jai to us ma shan broast masala or maida achi tarah lagaale or 1/2 hour ke lia rakh De..
  3. Aik Karahi ma oil garam karle..
  4. Eggs KO bowlma nikal ke us ma a pinch salt or red chilli powder add kar ke mix karle..
  5. Phir chicken KO egg ma coat kar ke Karahi ma daal ke fry karle light brown hone take..
  6. Mazedaar fried chicken tayyar…….
  7. Serve with fries and ketchup..

You can substitute the meat for shrimp, beef flank. In a non stick pan, heat the oil, add marinated chicken pieces in batches and deep fry it. Indian Chicken Fried Rice – Indian version of the ever popular Chinese fried rice with a restaurant style upgrade. Over the years, I've tried and tested so many fried rice recipes. Clearly, this chicken fried rice is the answer to all my efforts to cook the perfect fried rice, just like the one I enjoy in my.

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